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Ready resume from the experts

The resume is the first introduction to the job seeker. The impression it makes can determine the decision about the interview. Therefore, it is important to describe your experience and skills in a way that will attract the recruiter's interest.

Eight seconds is enough time for a recruiter to get a first impression of a candidate's resume.

What does the resume process look like?

The expert will interview you at your convenience and ask the necessary questions about your professional experience, achievements and expectations. Based on this information, a resume and cover letter are prepared within 4 working days.

What topics can I discuss at career counseling?

The expert discusses job search issues with you within an hour: how to effectively promote your resume on job search resources and correctly present your experience at the interview, how to answer uncomfortable questions, talk about achievements and failures, what to say about reasons for quitting and job search, how and when to discuss the future salary, how to change the field of activity.

When will you get your resume and cover letter ready?

Your resume and cover letter will be ready within 4 business days after your interview with the evaluator. You will also have 14 days to ask additional questions and ask the evaluator to make changes to your resume experts.

Who are the experts?

All experts have extensive experience working in HR departments and career consulting for job seekers at major Russian and Western companies. All experts have been trained and work according to high quality standards we control. After you pay and fill out the application, it goes to the experts: your application is taken by a specialist who is as familiar as possible with the specifics of your professional activity.

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